Hereby a short introduction to



Grant de Munnik


Born:  July 16th 1970 at Surrey B.C. Canada.

Education:  autodidact.



                 - the construction of

                   human experience.

                 - the operation of human

                   spirit; the determination

                   of processes of thinking.

                   Idem for the Persona,

                   The Self.

                  - the added value of emergency-bandages: to reveal

                    cross sections,  connections and contact points

                    within the psyche, in order to stop the bleeding and

                    improve shock absorption.

                  - phenomenology of decay.

                  - the virtual existence; the intimacy and distance between 1st and 2nd life.

                  - researching remedies for the Prosperity-Monster.

                  - developing high-quality spiritual healthcare-products for him and her.

                  - preservability and adaptibility of culture symbols.

                  - the residual value of modern life.



                 - a philosophical one: the implementation of

                    periodical checkings onto reality that make

                    aberrations manifest themselves as tranquillizers.    

                 - a psychological one: varifocus naturally, so to speak

                    the integrated horizontical, vertical and diagonal

                    view. Porousness, viscosity and focus of The Self;

                    Its borders in relation to The Non-Self; a pro-active

                    acquaintance with compressed files in the

                    Consciousness (to delete and update useful


                  - a historical one: how The Self per separate age

                     is constituted. Checking out the bedsoring mass 

                     of collective recollection on brain damage or

                     disfunctionality. How a plural cloned perception

                     of reality (of history) can make reasonable

                     statements onto the spiritual health of The Self.